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What are automatic negative thoughts? (simplified read)

Have you ever asked yourself “what are automatic negative thoughts?” Then this post is for you! Let’s start with an example. You have a test, and you feel that you haven’t quite prepared for it. Your first thought as you begin the exam may be, “I am going to fail!.” That’s a negative thought. First, … Read More

Overcome Perfectionism

3 tips on how to overcome perfectionism (practical)

This post will provide 3 practical tips on how to overcome perfectionism. Chances are, if you google “how to overcome perfectionism”, you will be met with these numerous search queries on how to beat, counter or break perfectionism. So, it shows that people are looking for practical tips or ideas that they can possibly reflect … Read More

Practical Ways Self Confident

7 practical ways to be self-confident in life (number 3 is a must-read!)

Looking for 7 practical ways to be more self-confident? Be it at work, while speaking, dating, or in yourself? Stick around for these tips! What is self-confidence? Before we start with the 7 practical tips, we must understand what exactly self-confidence is! When I was searching for the meaning of self-confidence, I stumbled on one … Read More