Let’s Catch Up: Being More Intentional With Self-Care 2023!

This post is all about catching up with you!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! I hope you are all well.❤️

I apologize for neglecting this blog – I’ve been busy with my primary blog, and I’ve had no time to stop by here. But… I’m back with all the enthusiasm and energy to make 2023 a more intentional year of self-care!

One of my self-care goals is to be more structured with my self-care practices. Yep- I want to block my calendar and plan out my self-care days, weeks, and months so I can really focus on taking care of myself (Basically, like an appointment or date with myself.) And guess what- I’m planning my self-care on a budget because I want to challenge myself to do so!

So what blog posts can you expect?…

Mostly, I plan to share short posts that chronicle what self-care stuff I’m trying and what meals, drinks, and smoothies I’m having. It’ll be like a mom journal of intentional living! So readers should expect tasty treats, exciting recipes, and much more from me this year.

Additionally, I’ll also be sharing mindset reflections on how these activities positively affect me in terms of physical well-being and mental health. In many ways, this blog will become like a mom journal of my intentional living!

I must be honest; I will be very spontaneous with this blog moving forward since the other one has a more structured rhythm. I will be very intuitive and heartfelt with my posts. I honestly don’t want to put pressure on myself to keep up with a certain amount of posts here… so I will just post as much or as little as I feel.

And that’s it, folks, my self-care catch up!

I’m excited to embark on this journey with all of you – let’s make 2023 the best year for self-care yet!

Cheers to a new year of intentional living!

Heather Chesiyna

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