13 Essential Self-Care Gifts for New Moms

This post is all about self-care gifts for new moms.

Self Care Mommy Tips

Before we start with the self-care gifts for new moms….let’s have a little chat 😊

If you are a new mom, you may feel glued to your new baby and feel slight separation anxiety when someone is taking care of your child. Paired with night feedings, dirty diapers, fevers, breastfeeding adjustments, preparing milk bottles, and doing laundry, you can quickly feel burnt out. (this is totally normal by the way 💖)

In fact, in a 2021 Motherly Survey, they pointed that 93% of moms are burned out, and 92% state that society doesn’t do an excellent job of supporting moms!

So, it comes as no surprise that you may realize sooner rather than later that self-care is crucial as a new mom.

Here is a relevant post that I wrote about 5 reasons why moms don’t practice self-care enough.

The goal for mommy self-care

Eventually, the self-care goal is to work towards shifting self-care to become a discipline or lifestyle rather than an indulgence; however, if we are, to be honest, it’s kind of tough in the beginning to adjust to parenting!

No amount of preparation ensures your readiness to usher a newborn into the home, especially as a first-time mom.

For this particular post, I aim to focus on mom. I remember when I had my daughter, all the gifts were geared towards her. I would get a guest who would bring gifts for her, and while I was ecstatic at the thought, I was especially moved by those moms who brought a gift for me too. Especially those perfect mom-hack gifts that saved me so much time.

So, you can look at the list below for information about gifts that you can get yourself (hello initiative! 😉), others, or requests on your special day, be it birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.

Self-care gifts are an excellent way to tell a mom, “Hey! I see you.”

P.S None of these products are sponsored or have affiliate links. So, rest assured that I am writing this from an honest and unbiased place. The gift suggestions range from self-care that targets a mother’s emotional, physical, and psychological well-being.

Ready? Here we go….

Here are the 13 essential self-care gifts for new moms:

1. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are an excellent subtle way of enhancing self-care. Some self-care can energize, calm and help with better sleep or bedtime.

Young Living has a good array of essential oils that can be used for different situations. If you click each oil, it gives the benefits of each blend. Pick one that is a good fit for the mommy you want to gift.

2. Journal, i.e., self-care, gratitude journal

Journaling is essential for mental health as one can express and release overwhelming emotions. It can reduce stress, help in anxiety management, among other things.

One can select a journal that best suits you, be it self-care, gratitude journals, etc.

A good tip would be to purchase a hardcover or leather bound for a more premium feel.

3. Subscriptions boxes and New mom gift baskets or care packages:

Subscription boxes can be an excellent way to sample different self-care options.

The following are some options:


Emotional Well being box


A person can obtain a Curated and custom care package from this website by picking a box design, filling it with desired gifts, and attaching a card with a personalized message to ship to a new mom! I love the fact that one can curate their gift boxes instead of selecting a subscription that comes with pre-selected items that one may not like.


Etsy has some perfect and customized self-care boxes. They are super pretty, and because they are from small businesses, I find that they have a personal touch. I once gifted my sister a postpartum care package, and it involved Etsy! So, I recommend them!

4. Favorite Book

I love gifting books to my friends, colleagues, and family, and I think this is a classic gift that never goes out of style. For self-care purposes, I would suggest a self-help or motivational book- one that has a relaxed and uplifting tone to the mommy you want to gift.

5. Appliances: Blender Vitamix, Juicers & Keurig

An appliance can be the best way to jump-start one’s self-care. This is when a new mom can spend a few minutes “filling their cup” (pun-alert!)

I love the Vitamix Blender. My husband gifted this to me during my postpartum, and I found myself making smoothies with some collagen. Not only was I feeling good making the smoothie, but I was saving lots of cash from skipping the smoothie line from the local smoothie shop.

6. Home Gym Equipment and gadgets

Going to the gym can be difficult when you are a new mom! I ended up purchasing a super affordable treadmill from amazon that was under $300. I am not very aggressive with my running, so this has served me well, and I’ve been using it for the past 4 years!

Other gym equipment’s and accessories can be as follows:

  • yoga mat
  • weights
  • treadmill
  • Fitness tracker (Fitbit or Apple Watch)

7. Bath time Body Rituals

Bath time rituals are a perfect way to destress (and turn your bathroom into a luxury escape!!).

Epsom salts, for example, can have a therapeutic effect and can help ease muscle soreness and destress. I’ve been using the Epsoak brand for the past 10 years, and I couldn’t be happier with this. As I have mentioned in previous posts, it’s 20lbs of pure bliss!

Here are other things to improve your bath time routine:

  • luxury soaps
  • Bath Salts
  • Plush robe
  • Massage or spa coupon.

8. Beverage containers

Moms often state that the first few days of motherhood can be very tough. Sometimes a self-care break can be brewing your favorite drink or hydrating, which is probably one of the easiest.

Let me let you in on a bit of a secret; the Ember mug is on my Christmas wish list. I have seen tons of positive reviews, and I can’t wait to get it!

9. High-quality tea and coffee

Yes, and of course, we need beverages to fill those beverage containers. If you know a mom who is a tea or coffee lover, get them some high-quality tea or coffee. Herbal gourmet tea sets look incredibly tempting when they are placed in acrylic organizers.

10. Skincare

Skincare has become one of my favorite escapes of late. I have a shower caddy that carries my skincare, and I spend time doing my morning and evening routines. It only takes 7 minutes tops, but it feels so good, especially psychologically when I know that I am also taking time to fight signs of aging!

Since skincare is so specific, I suggest you know what brand someone is currently using or eyeing. This can be an intimate gift that you can give a best friend or a sister since you are likely aware of their preferences.

11. Self-care Activities: Adult coloring book

Affordable self care gifts for mom

Over the past few years, I have come to appreciate a good adult coloring book! Chances are, you may already know someone in your life who will profess their love for coloring books. If they happen to be a new mommy, pick out some excellent coloring books.

Jade Summer is rocking at the adult coloring game. Check her website and amazon store to find unique coloring books.

12. More Scent therapy:

We all know that friend who has a knack for scents. They take one deep breath, and they feel like they are in some tropical resort. Aside from Essential Oil Diffuser that I mentioned earlier, here are some other ideas for you:

  • Reed diffuser
  • Candles

13. Massage or Spa Experience

What is a self-care list without a massage or spa pampering! This is a good idea for new moms, significantly if the doctor has cleared them! Some massages can be given in the comfort of your own home via thumbtack (I tried it twice, and I loved it!).

And that’s it, folks, 13 self-care gifts for new moms!

In conclusion, The responsibility that comes with caring for a newborn can be challenging, chaotic, and emotional. It can take a toll on your well-being if you are giving yourself from an empty cup. I believe small acts of self-care can be a considerable shift in the life of a new mom. Baby Steps.

If you have made it to the end of this post, I want to say a big thank you. If you are a new mom reading this, I want to let you know that you are totally awesome! Pat yourself on the back; you are phenomenal.

Feel free to share this post to inspire other new moms!

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